We are always looking for new players to join our fantastic floorball (or unihockey) club in Amsterdam, both complete beginners and experienced players. Send an email if you are interested or use the contact form. Or just show up at our Wednesday training (if you are a beginner) or Monday training (if you know how to play) and try it how you like it (up to 3 times for free).

What can we offer you when you become member?

And for this all, the contribution is like two months in a gym. The contribution for 2014/2015 is set at:

  • membership fee: € 168/season*
  • competition fee large field (cup + league): € 57
  • competition fee small field (half a season): € 10
  • Agents team out fit (2 shirts, short, socks; only needed when you play competition): € 100 (buy) or € 40 (rent per season)

* note: for players joining or leaving halfway the season we have a special rate. Please ask the board.

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