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The mixed-team finished second

The agents mixed team finished second! The team is happy with the result, we're not been able to train with the whole team. We played well and have learned a lot, lets get a first place for the

Ladies dominate Nefub top-5 best scores

The ladies from Amsterdam Agents are dominating in the Nefub top-5 best scores list! Eline Brekelmans Marein Veenema Rana Klein - Iris Stokman Machteld Oud - Josse van Zijp - Faybienne Kollau Nina van Mastrigt - Suzan

End of seazon

It's gonna be a day with lots of fun, games (KUBB!), nice people, drinks and snacks! Take the entrance of the Vondelpark at the

Ladies competition

Agents ladies just scored their 2nd goal in the semi finals of the playoffs (goal Eline , assisted by Lorna ) and score is now 4-2 with now a great save of Tina .17 minutes to go (since the table forgot to let the time running for two minutes. Go


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