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Both Agents teams to the play-offs

After having won 9 out of 10 games in the pre-round of the highest Dutch league FB Agents men's team has finished this round on first position. In January the second round of the league starts in which the best place for play-off has to be secured.

UK visitors on Agents training

December 8 Warwick Floorball Club changed their Holland-week of visiting musea, bars and canals for a way more interesting tourist destination (still unclear why we're not listed in the Lonely Planet): a friendly game against FB

The mixed-team finished second

The agents mixed team finished second! The team is happy with the result, we're not been able to train with the whole team. We played well and have learned a lot, lets get a first place for the

Ladies dominate Nefub top-5 best scores

The ladies from Amsterdam Agents are dominating in the Nefub top-5 best scores list! Eline Brekelmans Marein Veenema Rana Klein - Iris Stokman Machteld Oud - Josse van Zijp - Faybienne Kollau Nina van Mastrigt - Suzan


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